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    At the Teqball we believe that sometimes less is more. Using the simplest idea of a curved table, we created a sport which can be played anytime & anywhere, indoor & outdoor, regardless of age and gender. Creators are often dreamers and we dream a future, in which Teqball will be an Olympic Sport.

    The World is Curved

    What is Teqball?

    Teqball is a new football-based sport, which is perfectly suitable for professional footballers as well as amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina. However, it is not only our skills we can improve on this specially-bent board. All we need is an opponent at the other end of the Teqball table and the game can begin! If you can juggle a ball three times, you can excel at Teqball as well.

    Teqball is the purest type of football, since there is no physical contact between the players, and therefore injuries resulting from impacts or rough tackling can never take place in the game or during practice. Moreover, the players cannot touch the table either according to the official rules, which further reduces the risk of injury.

    Teqball is not football’s rival but rather its complement. Teqball enhances players’ confidence, perfects their passing techniques and develops decision making skills not to mention the so-called ‘first touch’ moves that are more than essential in modern-day football.

    Teqball is not about luck; the best players always win.

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